We believe investors need sound advice and sophisticated resources. With more than 60 years of comprehensive investment advisory experience among our team members, we have the maturity and intelligence to deliver premier financial planning and portfolio management. We have clients in several countries and all across the United States.

Extraordinary markets call for extraordinary advisors whom you can trust.  We continue to prove our integrity, our reliability and our worth.  We know who we are, what we stand for, and have a clear vision to give forward-looking advice.  The strength of our team’s character and dedication provides confidence for our clients. 

As an independent investment company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the advisors at Dominion Partners offer a full range of financial services. 

The company's co-founders and leadership team are Brian Kinney and Nancy Hughes Coe. What continues to set us apart is a customized mix of investment solutions designed by a dedicated team of professionals working to preserve and grow your hard-earned money. We are committed to delivering exceptional and dependable service with operational excellence.

Your choice of advisors is important and we would be honored to serve you.